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The Whiskyboard® was designed for Roger Higham as a 60th birthday gift by his son Chris.  They have an after-dinner tradition of sampling malts from each of Scotland’s whisky regions.  It's about spending time together, sharing knowledge of the malts, listening, learning and exploring the story behind the dram in their hands.   The Whiskyboard® is a way to enhance this social experience.   Long forgotten about malts, dug out from backs of cabinets, placed upon the board and very slowly compared in turn.

We manufacture in tiny batches with a focus on creating lifelong products.  The Traveller is our best seller and is a great size to take to a dinner party at friends or even fly home with.  The Original is the bigger brother of the two and the first Whiskyboard ever made.  It goes especially well when paired with a round table, or for social occasions with many guests.  Both are made from sustainably-sourced European oak and have picture hook slots on the rear so they can hang proudly on display in your home or bar.

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